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If anybody would be interested in trading links with me, get in touch:

http://womentalksports.com/ (website dedicated all things in sports related to female athletes)

Bet on the latest horse racing events at www.paddypower.com/racing

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Down-The-Stretch-Photography/627346830616084 (excellent horse racing photos page)

 (very nice photo horse racing website)

www.slickpic.com/u/mariaremedio (my photo website of jockey maria remedio)

www.nathanperkel.com     (freelance photographer w/ jockey pics)

www.metalcorefanzine.com    (my music webzine)

http://www.truecowboymagazine.com  (on-line magazine focused on horses)

www.paulickreport.com (great horse racing forum site)

www.paceadvantage.com (another great horse racing forum site)

www.jockeytv.net (horse racing video page with interviews, etc)

www.ejwilson.com (website of jockey Emma Jayne-Wilson)

www.chantalsutherlandjockey.com (website of jockey Chantal Sutherland)

www.jockeyrose.com (website of jockey rosemary homeister jr.)

My photographer John Barnes’s Flickr Page:


http://www.equinecaninephotography.com/ (horse racing and dog photos)

www.jadwizracing.co.uk (horse racing betting guide)

http://www.horse-racing.co.uk  (irish horse racing)

Sandra Koster's Photography Page:

http://www.sandrakosterphotography.com/index.html  (Sandra koster is an ex-jockey)

www.jockeystore.com (website where you can order jockey silks, jockey whips and more)

www.thoroughbredracingonline.com (cool horse racing website)

www.jadwizracing.co.uk (horse racing betting guide)

http://www.horse-racing.co.uk (irish horse racing)

Female Jockey Group on Facebook:



http://www.patdelong-art.com/  (thoroughbred horses in art page with calendars, mugs, etc)

http://www.tips-free-bets.com (free bets page)

www.jockeystore.com (website where you can order jockey silks, jockey whips and more)

www.thoroughbredracingonline.com (cool horse racing website)

www.exercisehorse.com (mechanical exercise horse for training and therapy website)

www.girljockey.com (website of Wantha Davis-who rode before girls were even licensed to ride)

www.raceshorsesforsale.net (races horses for sale)

www.thejudgeschoice.com (cool site with all things about horses)

www.trackwinners.com (Horse Racing/Handicapping/Racing)

www.grand-national-guide.com (guide to the grand national) 

http://www.tips-free-bets.com (free bets page

www.newjerseyhorse.com (cool site about NJ horses)

www.belmontchildcare.org (a non-profit organization that sustains a early childhood education at Belmont Race Track for children of the most important people in racing, the backstretch workers, with whom there would be no racing).

www.alexslemonade.com (website of alexander "alex" scott who lost her battle with cancer. The site ties in with horse Afleet Alex. Make a donation today please.)

www.FrankLovatoJr.com (ex-jockey’s website)

http://www.horseracingmania.com/forums/content.php (horse racing forum page)

https://www.facebook.com/groups/711074728910095/ (horse racing page on facebook)

http://www.theukhorseracingexperts.co.uk/ (handicapping page)

http://www.mintiesbones.com/ (dental dog treats)

http://www.flickr.com/santafesandy.com (ex jockey sandy’s flick site)

http://www.santafesandy.myarbonne.com (dog bones)

http://www.mintiesbones.com/ (dog bones)

http://www.pedigreequery.com (thoroughbred database)


http://www.vetguardplus.com/ (dog flea treatment)

www.manyhappyreturnstax.com (equine business)

http://thetampabaydownshandicapper.com/ (horse handicapper page)

http://www.horseracingmania.com/forums/content.php (forum page)

www.keyranch.com (horse ranch)

http://www.reinerwear.com/ ( horse related western handbags, purses, luggage, wallets, etc

https://sites.google.com/site/butterflyhollowstable/ (boarding farm)


www.afterthefinishline.org (funding non-profit for rescued Thoroughbred racehorses)

http://www.mintiesbones.com/ (healthy snacks for dogs can be tricky. MintiesBones.com can help with the healthiest dog treats available including puppy treats, small dog treats and safe dog bones.)

http://www.vetguardplus.com (Control the way that ticks & fleas approach your dog by preventing this from occurring with the right treatment and preventative maintenance using products from VetGuard Plus)

http://www.vetiq.com/ (When you spend lots of money on flea and tick control issues, its important to get the best dog care products available, such as Vetguard Plus, or Trupofen for arthritic dogs. Learn more about the options you have today at VetIQ.com.)

http://www.apaw.org/ (Search the web for cheap pet products or discount pet medication and supplies and you may stumble across the advocacy for pets and affordable wellness. Learn about discount pet products and pet supplies that are available via www.apaw.org.

http://www.metalcorefanzine.com/Necro Band that Chris manages

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