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Christopher, a few days before the challenge asked me if I’d be interested in doing a sort of blog about the day’s events and I thought it would be a fun thing to do so below is my thoughts and opinions of that day and I threw in a few other things that happened after the challenge as well…hope you enjoy it…

Oct 1, 2011

Wow Oct 1st got here pretty quick. I am looking forward to doing this female jockey challenge as I did one last year at Parx and a few years back at Hoosier Park, but last year my best bud and friend Joanne Mcdaid wasn't in it. Also my fiancé, David Cohen is coming down from NY to ride in a big stakes race on the same day and what a great day it would be if he won the big race and I won the jockey challenge. I have spent the last month getting fit and exercising horses in the morning and even rode a couple races before today. I won a race down at Delaware Park for my mom and dad and that is a memory that will last me a lifetime.

I hope the rain holds off too as I hate riding in rain. The female jock's room is kind of small and with 9 girls in here it is somewhat of a madhouse. It is hard to believe sometimes that I have spent the better part of 6 years riding here at Parx. All the girls pretty much get along with each other, but I plan on staying in the kitchen for part of the day and hang with David for a bit too. We ride 3 races today, the 1st is the 2nd race and then we are going down to the paddock to sign some things for breast cancer and meet some of the fans, then we ride the 7th and 11th races. $3,000 goes to the winner, which is a nice gesture by the track. It is around 11:15 now and I am just sitting around relaxing. Trying to think of a few ways to harass Christopher today. We have been having a little playful war of words on Facebook and text messaging and I told him I was gonna get em good today, that he was going to kiss my feet. He dared me to make him do it and he is going to find out not to dare me today . He wants flip flops he is going to get flip flops and then some. He better hope I keep em on as I might just take em off and do a little walking around the paddock and have him kiss my feet and I'll have his own cameraman capture ever moment too! It is around 11:15 am right now and I am up in the room. I had a funny idea last night and I go out of the girl’s jock’s room, I go and sit up on one of the washers and take my flip flops off and prop my feet up on one of the washers and I get one of the girls to take 2 pics of me with a double thumbs up and text Christopher telling him ”you’ll be kissing these at dinner tonight, check your email!!! I email him the pics right then and there!!! Love to see the expression on his face when he opens that email lol. It is all in fun though, but I'll have more fun with later him right now I want to study the form for my 1st mount of the day. I pretty much plan on preparing for the races today like any other day.


Just got back from riding the 1st race (2nd race of the day) in the female jockey challenge and I won the race. I came from behind and just got the horse up in time. Being able to win the 1st race of the jockey challenge felt really good and I knew then and there that I had a chance to win the whole challenge, plus I ended up winning the 1st race last year as well. I won on a horse named “Silver Payday” for Ron Abrams and the horse paid $ 11.00 or something close to that and I even did a thumbs up for Christopher in the winner’s circle as well. It felt great being back in the winner’s circle at Parx.

After the 2nd race all the girls went down to the paddock to sign some things for breast cancer research. I like doing stuff like this as it is fun for the fans to get to interact with the riders. I harass Christopher a bit by signing my name on his hand and I tried to write on his shirt too, but he ran away from me. James Backus wasn’t so lucky as all us girls signed his shirt and it looked funny after we were done. He was a good sport about it. I got some pics taken while in the paddock and I think Christopher has them up on his site. We ended signing some things for 45 minutes and then we all headed back up into the room.

After doing the signing in the paddock I just relaxed in the jock’s room for a bit before starting to get ready to ride the 7th race. I ride for Trainer Margarita Tzortzakis in this race. I am in the one hole. I ended up finishing 4th. I had the horse in the middle of the pack and he kinda just flattened out and I ended up finishing 4th on the horse.

After the 7th race I was in the lead by one point going into the last race of the challenge, which was the 11th race on the card. David was riding in the 10th race, The Cotillion Stakes. I know when David rides I think I scream louder than anyone. I am his biggest fan and always want him to win. Unfortunately for him he doesn’t win , he finished 4th. His horse was racing off the pace and just flattened out.

As far as the 11th race goes I think it was a disaster and the outcome should have been way different. I got bumped and ended up finishing 2nd and I finished 2nd in the challenge overall. I did have fun and it was fun riding races again at my home track and it was for a good cause and I am glad the rain held off as well.

After the races were over we were all invited over by Sal to the steakhouse inside the Parx Casino. Now I was gonna get Christopher good at this point. I was gonna walk down the paddock steps and hand him my flip flops and walk around a bit and then have him kiss my feet!!! But with 9 girls up there and all of us having to shower I ended up going home to shower and David and I would just meet everybody over at the steakhouse. The food was amazing. I ended up having a 3 course meal with a couple drinks and had some great company with me as well. I think we ended up being there a couple hours. As we were leaving I made Christopher follow through on my dare and yes he did kiss my feet. I painted my toes pink for him too!!! The actual sight of him doing it with Lexi leaning on him and Shannon nearby was quite funny I must say, but then again I don’t remember half the night.

A couple days after the challenge I started to think about retiring. A lot is changing in my life which has forced me to give it up for now. I put my family first and riding does not fit in with that schedule right now. I decided after I talked it over with David, with us changing locations, it just isn’t a good fit for me right now. After the decision was made I went over to Parx and had to clean my locker out. I was there alone with my valet. It took me quite a while to get my stuff out of there. Of course it was very emotional, riding is my life, but like David said to me I can always go back, nothing is set in stone. There were no second thoughts with my decision I knew what had to be done. I admit I almost shed a few tears on my way out of the room.

I don’t know if I will ever ride again, I know if I wanted to, I have people that will be right there to make it possible. So I don’t worry about that too much. I would like to be remembered as a good rider that always tried her hardest.

Christopher just remember my last winner’s circle picture was me giving ya a thumbs up and thanks to everybody for all the support over the years and I hope you enjoyed my little blog I had fun writing this all down and sharing my thoughts of the day with you all….

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