Kim Stover

Kim Stover is a now retired jockey that I have known for a few years and I lost touch with her and then I recently found out she was in a nasty spill and had retired. I emailed her some questions and here is what she said to them and Kim I hope your feeling better and she has been a great person helping me promote this site over the years too.

FOTH: I am not gonna focus on the start of your career (you can read that in the old interview section), but tell me as best as you can about what you remember about this accident that caused you to retire.

KS: I do not remember anything about the accident or how it happened. Before Jerri Nichols got killed she sent me a video of it. It was the easiest fall. My horse stumbled out of the gates and I kind of trickled off. No one ran me over, stepped on me or kicked me. I broke my head in 3 places.

FOTH: Do you know how many wins you have?

KS: I think I have 1100 or 1200 . I am not sure.

FOTH: What are you doing with yourself these days?

KS: After the accident I did not do a whole lot. I just didn't think real clear. I am getting better on that. My sister and I are running several things at Delta Downs. We have the equine hydro, therapy spa, and equisizer for the race horses. And we take care of Delta Down's livestock. It is keeping me active in the industry.

FOTH: How much rehab did you have to go through with your accident and are you still doing a lot of it these days?

KS: At first I had a lot of rehab. 1 surgery. I still have to go to the neurologist.

FOTH: Do you miss riding much?

KS: I miss galloping, I thought that was the best part of the job. I do not have the desire to race like I use too.

FOTH: Do you think another female can win a Triple Crown Race?

KS: After we get our first woman president [Hillary] it won't be long before a triple crown jockette.

FOTH: With everything that took place, would you still want to be a jockey knowing what would happen?

KS: I would not change any thing. I knew it was a hard life and I loved it.

FOTH: What track was this accident at and how come I never read anything about it?

KS: It happened at the new Evangeline Downs, right after my accident Cindy Noll had a similar accident. I think hers was worse because, if I remember right, she was paralyzed I was just in a coma. Nothing really bad was wrong.

FOTH: If you had a daughter who wanted to be a jockey would you let her?

KS: I do not have a daughter but i have a niece. she has asked me to teach her to gallop, I said i would but her mom said no. 1

FOTH: How hard is it to become a jockey and how long do you think somebody should be an ex-rider before attempting to become one?

KS: It is still hard to be a rider for a female. No one wants to take the time to show you what to do. If you can ride, the trainers just want to get their horses galloped not help someone. I think someone should be galloping steady at a race track at least 1 year.

FOTH: When you were riding did you get along with all the male jocks and did any of them try and crap with ya?

KS: When I first started there were a couple of male riders that just didn't think women should be out there. But after you show them you can do the job, they ease up. No one really did anything to me, [that I can remember] lol.

FOTH: Is there a lot of your career that you don't remember due to injury?

KS: After my accident and now I don't remember a lot of things. One day I was at the track and a trainer walked up to me. We were talking and he said "you don't remember me do you" I told him I did not have a clue who he was. He told me the last horse I rode for him was in a stake race and we won. I still did not have a clue. He said go home and look at your win pic. I did. I know I won races because I have pics. I don't remember riding horses in the races. My doctor says my brain is not ready for that yet.

FOTH: With this injury did you have any medical insurance at all?

KS: All of my medical was covered for 2 years following the accident. Now I don't have any.

FOTH: How long were you in the hospital and was there any chance you could have been paralyzed from this accident?

KS: They tell me I was in a coma for 10 days and then they transferred me to another hospital for another 10. They did not think I would be paralyzed but they did not know if I would wake up or have severe brain damage. They also said I could lose my right eye. I did wake up, I still have brain damage but my eye seems good. I lose my balance easy. It's a good thing I don't drink because some times I seem like I am drunk. I do have a very good family who is taking very good care of me.

FOTH: Kim any last words and thanks for taking the time to do this 2nd interview. God bless you.

KS: Thank you very much Chris.

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