Laura Reynolds


Laura Reynolds in an overseas jockey from England. We recently got in touch with her for an email interview. Read on what life is like as a jockey in England.

FOTH: Where were you born and where did you grow up?

LR: I was born in Kingston Surrey and grew up in and around that area

FOTH: Any brothers or sisters?

LR: Yes I have one brother Robert.

FOTH: What do your parents think of you being a jockey?

LR: Dad was pleased, but my Mum was a bit worried about me leaving home at 16.

FOTH: What event or events led to you becoming a jockey?

LR: I had always ridden ponies and just loved them so when I left school I looked into a career in riding and racing really appealed to me.

FOTH: Tell us what you remember about your first race.

LR: I realized just how fit you needed to be but I absolutely loved it.

FOTH: Tell us what you remember about your 1st win. Did you get creamed after the race?

LR: It was absolutely brilliant I led the whole race and was the only girl jockey. I had a couple of glasses of champagne but not too much as I was racing on the Monday.

FOTH: Looking back was being a jockey easier or harder than you thought?

LR: I think the work whilst hard is enjoyable but even being light and strong. It is still hard to get rides, so getting the experience is much harder than I first thought it would be.

FOTH: What are some of the tracks you rode at?

LR: Salisbury, Bath, Kempton, Southwell, Goodwood, Lingfield and Yarmouth.

FOTH: Any funny jockey stories to tell?

LR: We tend to have a laugh as much as possible whilst still being serious about our job but I guess stories will come with experience.

FOTH: Did you get along with pretty much all the jockeys?

LR: Yes most are really nice to me.

FOTH: Did you have a favorite horse/trainer/track that you rode at?

LR: Mr Stylish was my favorite until I won on Garston Star at Goodwood.

FOTH: How is it riding over there. Describe a bit what is it like.

LR: The riding is good and we have lots of variety of tracks some are really nice.

FOTH: Is it tough being a female rider over there?

LR: Yes it is tough but we are getting there jockeys like Haley Turner and Lisa Jones are giving female jockeys a good name. 

FOTH: What advice would give somebody who wanted to become a jockey?

LR: Never get above yourself and take a telling off when given from your trainer. Listen to experience and stay fit.

FOTH: Do you think female jockeys will ever be given a fair shake in the sport?

LR: I don't think it will ever be 50-50 but we hope it will get to at least 60-40. 

FOTH: What are some hobbies and things you like to do when away from riding?

LR: Playing with my little dog Ralph and jumping ponies. I enjoy shopping and then sleeping.

FOTH: Would you like to come to the US and ride one day?

LR: Yes that would be nice.

FOTH: What goals, if any do you have?

LR: To ride as many winners as possible.

FOTH: Any last words. thanks a million for the interview.

LR: Thank you it has been fun.


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