We have interviews with riders from all over the world, even riders that love to play no deposit bingo.

We decided to make a website dedicated to female jockeys because we both feel that female jockeys are under appreciated in the sport of horse racing. In our opinion, we both feel, they do not get the credit they deserve. We have both searched the internet and we have found that most sites that involve horse racing and/or jockeys contain little or no information on female jockeys. Well with the creation of our website, that is about to change.

On our site you will find interview with retired girl jockeys, girls just starting out and girls that have been riding for years. We have interviews with riders from all over the world. From the east coast to the west coast and even some from overseas! You will read about them growing up and how they became jockeys. You will read about their triumphs and tragedies and everything else in between.

We encourage feedback and we hope you like the site and visit many times. You will also find our news section (which will be updated as much as possible), links page and a guestbook page where you can share your opinion on the site.

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If any of you happen to know of any female riders (retired or currently
riding) and you think they would like to be interviewed on this site, please have them get in touch with us via email with some contact information.

To all those female riders out there we hope to see you on our site and more importantly, in the winner's circle.

So kick back and start reading the interesting stories of these incredible female athletes.

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