Jane Magrell

Jockey Jane Magrell has been a big supporter of my website and since the interview I did with her the site was a few years old I decided a new one was in order so I emailed her some questions and here is what she said to my questions...

FOTH: Jane this is our 2nd chat so if anybody wants to know more about you they can find the 1st interview elsewhere on my interviews page. Now do you have any idea how much longer you plan on riding?

JM: No not really. I guess as long as I can still win races or until I look so bad that I should quit! lol Guess I will know when it is time??

FOTH: Is getting up in the morning and going to the track just as much as a thrill for you as it was say 10 years ago?

JM: Yes and no guess it wouldn't be so bad, but I drive 40 miles one way that is the only thing that gets old. Don't mind the work but driving can be a pain.

FOTH: I know you mostly ride in Ohio. If you had the power what are some things you would do to make racing better in Ohio?

JM: I think Ohio and all racetracks need to do more for the public to draw crowds. Have giveaway's and family things that would make everyone want to come to the races.

FOTH: Have you ever got recognized outside the track yet?

JM: Oh yeah but I guess the funniest thing is when people do recognize you they are like wow u have hair and look different without a helmet?? lol

FOTH: Do you think after you retire that you will still stay involved in the sport?

JM: Oh yes, not sure what guess when the time comes and right opportunity I will know.

FOTH: What in your eyes makes a good jockey?

JM: Hard work, dedicated to the horses and people that help the jockeys get to the winner's circle. Of course you have to have a little talent too but sometimes hard work and determination can get you there!

FOTH: I know I asked you this before, but what advice would you give to a young girl if she wanted to become a jockey?

JM: Finish high school maybe even do some college courses while you were learning to gallop or ride. Find the right person to get you started because there are a lot of wolves out there. If you have a good head on your shoulders you will know right from wrong?

FOTH: If you were ever asked to be on a show say like "Jockeys" would you do it or not and why?

JM: Yes I would, it would be cool if they would do a jockey's show of the jocks that really go to the track to just gallop horses to ride not just go to the track to walk around and maybe breeze one horse. The CA background of the jockey's show is nice but I sure don't get to go out and win and dine after I ride. Usually too tired after galloping and riding all day just glad to get home. But have to get home to do chores at home. lol

FOTH: What is the farthest track you have ridden away from home been so far?

JM: Tampa, Fla. My hubby and I used to go there every winter. We even went for a few years after I had my daughter but when she was going to start first grade we decided her life and schooling should be in one place.

FOTH: What are some things you like to do when you are away from the track?

JM: Rest and relax. Even though I have many things to do at my home on my day off it is just nice to sit on my front porch and drink coffee and listen to the birds chirp.

FOTH: Is all of the yrs of riding beginning to take a toll on your body at all or are you still holding up rather well?

JM: Oh I think I am doing pretty good considering all my broken bones. I think the older you get your mind gets stronger and you know how to handle the crazy race track life. Don't get me wrong my body does hurt at times but I knew that would happen you just deal with it.

FOTH: What sort of music do you listen to and do you follow any other sports at all?

JM: I listen to everything, heck when I drive I switch the stations all the time it is whatever catches my ear for at the time. I like football, but like every sport whatever my hubby watches I watch too!!

FOTH: Do any of the younger riders ever come to you for advice in the room and for those who don't know describe a little bit about what goes on in a jock's room?

JM: Oh yeah I have given advice to young riders if they want to listen. As far as the jocks room I am in there aren't many girls that ride at Thistledowns. It is a tough track for riders especially for females I have survived Ohio and have done good there. Guess my biggest advice for the young riders is to go where they ride girls and that is east as you well know. (i totally agree with you on that Jane-chris)

FOTH: Will another female jockey win a Triple Crown Race?

JM: Don't know and don't predict things like that but hopefully it will happen.

FOTH: Do you feel you have a certain riding style?

JM: I didn't think so but everyone tells me how good I am out of the gate and on the front end. So guess that is pretty true.

FOTH: Do you think the weights should be put up a couple pounds at all or are they good where they are at now?

JM: I think some weights should be a little higher each track is so different would be nice if it was the same everywhere then that would be fair for everyone. But I don't think they should be too high then you would get everyone wanting to ride.

FOTH: What is it like giving another jockey the initiation after he/she wins their 1st race?

JM: It is fun to do that to a young rider on there first win. I think it almost welcomes them into the world of the jockey. lol

FOTH: Is going in the winner's circle still as much as a thrill as it was say 10 yrs ago?

JM: Oh for sure if you lose that thrill or desire then you better quit. It is a high that no one can explain unless you r a jockey.

FOTH: Have you ever brought home a 99-1 shot or more in your riding career?

JM: Oh for sure when I had the bug I held a record at Thistledown for the longest pay off it might have been beaten but I am known for bringing in the long shots!

FOTH: What would you like to be remembered as when you retire?

JM: My hard work, dedication to the sport and that I could ride a little bit!!

FOTH: Jane I am out of questions. Thumbs up for this 2nd interview any last words to say the floor is yours.

JM: Thumbs up he he.

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