Morgan Kerr

Morgan Kerr is an amateur jockey currently riding over in the UK and here is here story:

FOTH: Have you lived in the UK all your life and do you come from a big family or a small family?

MK: Yes I have lived here all my life so far, a reasonably small but I'm the eldest of 5 brothers and sisters! 

FOTH: What did you want to be when you were growing up?

MK: Well to be honest I wasn't quite sure but when I watched my first horse race, when I was younger I knew that was the life for me :)

FOTH: When did the world of horses enter your life and what did you think of a racetrack the 1st time you saw a live horse race?

MK: I was the first in my family to like horses when I had just turned 6yrs old, went to my first race track which was a point to point at Black Forest, it was absolutely thrilling, a horse fell in front of me but I still wanted to come again, absolute dream! :)

FOTH: Now I know right now you’re an amateur jockey. Is the goal for you from here to become an actual jockey and if so how long will that take?

MK: Well I would love to be a conditional jockey on the near future, but right now just to keep my head down as an amateur, as I am currently working for Paul Nicholls, it would be a child hood dream to have even just one rode for him, even as an amateur, I wouldn't know how long it'll take but I'm working hard for it! :)

FOTH: Now at what point did you start to want to ride horses and where did you go to learn to start riding and are there many racetracks or horse farms where you’re based out of?

MK: Well my first sit on a horse was on my 6th birthday, I started off at a riding school - The Divoky Club, rode their ponies for few years, then had my own, when I was about 10,, Diesel a dealers pony who was quite naughty and nervous but he was the best thing that ever happened to me, taught me lots then I went on to help at Burcott Riding Centre and another small yard with ponies for sale, I am just based at Paul Nicholls yard at the moment :)

FOTH: So far what has been the hardest thing you had had to deal with as far as being an amateur jockey and what has been the easiest?

MK: The hardest thing so far, is finding a trainer who is willing to give me a chance, (I don't mind how hard I work, but to get rides you need experience, but you need experience to get rides) plus trying to get a ride when I'm not known! Easiest thing so far is working, doing what I enjoy! :)

FOTH: Does getting up on a horse and riding races feel pretty natural and comfortable to you?

MK: My first ever race I was quite nervous, which was with the ARO, I came in 4th, from then it was fantastic, my 1st ride under rules came naturally I just followed the trainers instructions and just rode the race, I would change the feeling for the world.

FOTH: How long have you been an amateur jockey and do you have any wins as an amateur jockey so far?

MK: I have been an amateur jockey since about Feb ‘13, I haven't yet had any winners, but they will come! :)

FOTH: Now if the jockey is to become a jockey, how much longer will you have to remain as an amateur before that tag gets removed and if you’re just going to be an amateur jockey, how long do you see yourself doing that for?

MK: Well I will just have to wait and see what will be in store, I'm pretty sure that I will have to get a completely different license if I were to become a jockey, with the amateur tag line :)

FOTH: Around how many races have you rode in and how many tracks have you rode at so far?

MK: I have ridden in 2 races under rules : May Boy at Southwell- 5th.

Alfie Joe at Salisbury- 8th
And also 3 races with ARO
Street Crime- Nottingham- 4th
Alfie Joe- Hereford - 6th, 3rd

FOTH: Do you get big crowds that turn out for races and stuff over there?

MK: Most of our tracks can get mega turn out, places like Cheltenham, Ascot, Sandown and other big tracks on big race days like the festival, gold cup days and the King George race days really get the nation watching the thrills of racing!

FOTH: Have you ever seen racing from the US and is this someplace you would love to ride at one day?

MK: I watch racing from the US quite a lot (when I can get to the telly!!) and I love watching French racing too. One day I would really love to come over and work and race ride over there, I love gaining experience and learning more, and riding there would be an experience of a lifetime!

FOTH: Is being a jockey so to speak what you thought it was going to be?

MK: Yes definitely! Every moment has been what I expected and even better!

FOTH: Are there many female jockeys both in amateur and regular race riding jockeys?

MK: The numbers are rising it almost seems a male sport but females are up and coming and making a name for ourselves!! 

FOTH: Who was your biggest helper in teaching you how to ride and stuff in the early days of all this?

MK: My first pony Diesel!! But a great thanks to everyone who I have worked with, Roachey at Longsdons was my first 'racing coach' he was great! But I would love to say a special thanks to the BRS especially Frank Conlon, the best teacher in my life!

FOTH: What are some things you like to do when you are not doing race related things?

MK: I love taking my dog Peanut walking/running, just chilling watching the racing on the telly sometimes I like to draw or go to the gym and keep the fitness up .

FOTH: Do you like many other sports at all?

MK: I love most other sports like football, motocross, rugby, running, netball, I don't support any teams just love playing and keeping active.

FOTH: What do your parents think of all this and have them ever come out and seen you ride?

MK: At first they weren't too sure, I moved out from dads when I was 15 to my first job, dad came and seen my both my races so far and a few times me riding out at work, mum lives hour from me so sees how I'm getting on by Facebook!!

FOTH: Have you gotten any injuries in your career so far and does the thought of getting hurt ever worry you, or you just don’t think about such things?

MK: Well I am lucky enough not to of had any injuries, I have had plenty of falls and kicks but bounce back, worrying about injury would make me never want to get back on a horse, it never bothers me really, just kick on is what I say!
FOTH: Do you have any personal goals that you would like to achieve?

MK: To get a ride for Paul Nicholls would be a dream come true, I would love to become champion lady amateur jockey for a few seasons I'd love to follow the footsteps of one of my idols Will Biddick he is an amateur and he a fantastic rider he has taught me loads here at Nicholls.

FOTH: What has been the most surprising thing in your eyes through this journey so far?

MK: How different some trainers, train their horses. But mainly when I ride a horse and know that it will be a goodun! And no one believes me, to then prove everyone wrong is brilliant! Haha

FOTH: What goes through your mind when you’re breaking a horse out of the gate when you’re in a race?

MK: The adrenaline going wild, but just to remember it is my race, stay calm and follow the trainers instructions, always try my best but look good at the same time, I wouldn't think a trainer wants a sloppy rider riding their horses!!

FOTH: What is a typical day like for you these days?

MK: A long hard day!! Haha.  Well I wake up 6am, work for 6.45, muck out my 4/5 horses riding list out 7.45 pull out 8am. Ride 1,, breakfast 9.15-9.35, pull out 2nd 9.50, come in pull out 3rd 11.10am  then lunch 12.30-2.50 (go running/ dog walking and lunch) evening 3-4.30 brush and muck out and brush my 4 horses then 4.45 sweep, 5pm get horses off walker then feed till 5.25 day over and time to reload and relax!! :D

FOTH: Morgan thanks for being part of my website and last words and thumbs up for doing this interview?  

Mk: Thank you so much for including me on your website. Just thank you to everyone who has been helping me along the way of my epic journey so far, now just workin hard and waiting for the opportunities to arise!! :) thanks again!

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