Jane Magrell

The last interview I with Jane is now a few years old so I emailed her some questions to see what she has been up to since we last interviewed her:

FOTH: Thanks for doing this 2nd interview. What have you been up to since we last spoke a few moons ago?

JM: Sorry this took so long but has been busy riding now I have some down time to relax.

FOTH: I know you have been riding for a long time. How much longer do you think you will ride for and what keep you motivated to keep on riding?

JM: Yes i have been riding a long time i still have a great love for the horses and the sport. The game has gotten tougher but I'm a fighter. Who knows for how long guess as long as I keep winning i just can't quit.

FOTH: I brought you out to Parx Racing (aka Phila Park) a few years back to do a female jockey challenge we were having. What was that experience like and did you have fun doing a thumbs up on my home turf ha ha?

JM: That was an awesome experience i was honored to be invited since there are a lot of female riders there. I have been to many female challenges but think this one topped the others. Was treated great by everyone and after the races we had an awesome dinner at the casino with everyone. Wish I cud come again. Hint.. Hint... hehe

FOTH: Have you had a chance to ride at Presque Isle Downs and if so how nice is that track?

JM: Yes i have I only rode a few there this year but was successful the track is awesome and so is the $$$...

FOTH: Do you think any of the thoroughbred tracks in OH will ever get slot machines and if they don't can you see one or more of them closing in the future?

JM: Well as we speak the slots have already been in progress supposed to be up and running by Jan of 2013. Everyone in Ohio is excited and looking forward for new and exciting things in the spring.

FOTH: The NY Times has been releasing a series of article about all the drugs and breakdowns of horses, etc. Do you think that when trainers get caught juicing horses and using illegal drugs that they should get banned from the sport after say 3 times?

JM: Well, seems like the tracks I ride at seem like they are handling it. With thistledown being in cheaper purse structure we were fortunate not having many breakdowns. But if a trainer keeps getting bad test I think more should be done than a slap on the wrist.

FOTH: Has anything happened on the racetrack in say the past year that made you sit back and laugh at all?

JM: Everyday!!! After all these years of galloping and riding you think you seen or heard it all but someone always does something different.

FOTH: Have you had the chance recently to get an apprentice after his 1st win with water, eggs, etc. and if you did, who was it and where did it happen?

JM: Yes we had a bug girl at Thistledown this year. It still fun to get them especially when they don't really expect it. She didn't. Ha-ha

FOTH: Do you have to watch what you eat nowadays or are you fine with your weight?

JM: I have always watched what I eat I just don't eat a lot of it. Don’t really deprive myself so that seems to work. But i do like to eat healthy feel so much better and stay stronger.

FOTH: You have ridden in a ton of races. Do you ever sit back and think about all the races you have rode in and when you 1st started did you think in a million years you would still be doing it nowadays?

JM: Oh I can't believe for how long I have been riding and how many races I have ridden and won. Think what is the coolest thing is that I have ridden at so many different tracks. I am just thankful after all my injuries I am able to do it again and again.

FOTH: What is a typical day like for you nowadays?

JM: It's not as crazy as it used to be starting out think I have established my work ethic pretty good. But I still get up early depending on what time track opens we start at 6am usually. So with my drive of 40 miles I have to get up earlier than most to get to track by 5:30am. I don't come back home cause I ride every day except the dark days so the jock's room is my 2nd home. Lol

FOTH: When you decide to retire, would you ever consider being a trainer or own horses at all?

JM: I'm not sure I want to do something still never think about it. Lol But I have had many people want me to train horses for them when I retire so it is an option.

FOTH: If you were the CEO at a racetrack, what would be some steps that you would take to try and promote horse racing at the track?

JM: Think the biggest think is getting families and people back to the track. Think it should be a fun place for all. Things for kids to do while the dad's watch and bet races. Moms could be playing the slots and kids having fun with things for them to do. There are so many kids that never get to see horses and the look at little kid’s faces are priceless.

FOTH: I know you live in OH. What are some things you like to do when you’re away from the track and what are some places you think people should try to visit when they are in OH?

JM: well my bucket list is I want to ride a horse on a beach. So for sure I want to go to an island and relax. There are many cool places in Ohio to visit so depends on people's interest.

FOTH: When you were in Phila, PA for the jocks challenge did you get to go and visit anywhere at all when you were here?

JM: No, we got in late that night and rode the next day. Enjoyed seeing the new surroundings at Parx.

FOTH: Do you feel you have a certain riding style and if so what do you think that style is. Have you ever had any young jockeys coming up to you for advice?

JM: Well I have been known as a speed rider with quiet hands. I can get one out of the gate but I do enjoy riding closers. I have had a few riders this year wanting and asking for advice. It is nice means that they really want to learn and don't think they know it all.

FOTH: For those who don't know, let them know what you do as a jockey during the morning workouts and do you have a jockey agent or no?

JM: I get to track usually 1/2 hr or earlier before track opens. I suit up and venture on my way barn to barn. I usually have my work outs set up the day before. I started with an agent the beginning of the meet then I went back on my own. I have a great work ethic and show up every day. If for some reason I don't come in I let my clients know. After galloping I usually do some errands then off to room to chill out and get ready for the afternoon racing and even the evening racing if I have to go to Mountaineer. Lol

FOTH: What is the funniest or craziest thing you have ever seen in a jocks' room?

JM: OMG!! I wouldn't know where to start it will be in the book I publish. Lol

FOTH: What would you like to be known for when you finally hang up your boots?

JM: The female that survived in so many ways!!

FOTH: Do you have any goals you still want to achieve at all?

JM: Yes believe it or not I would like to reach 1000 wins. I got close this year I have 43 left to go. But right now I am set back again because I broke my foot. I’m sure I would have reached my milestone years ago but my injury list is very big which has been my set back. But thank God I healed and was able to keep doing what i love. So, I if get there fine if not it is what it is!! Lol

FOTH: I asked you this before and I'll ask you again, if some young girl came up to you and said she wanted to become a jockey, what advice would you give her?

JM: RUN!! Don’t do it... lol No really it is a fun career but you better have a thick back bone and a work ethic and dedication.

FOTH: Has there been a special horse that holds a place in your heart that you have rode over the years and what has been your favorite trainer that you have rode for over the years?

JM: Oh wow with riding over 10,000 mounts and winning I do have some favorites but guess they all are favorites if they win!! Lol As far as trainers yes I do have some favorites trainers and they know who they are!! I respect everyone I ride for and am thankful for the opportunity to ride for them.

FOTH: Have you ever been recognized outside the racetrack?

JM: Oh ya. Sort of neat because the 1st thing they say "Oh I didn't know you without your helmet on" lol.

FOTH: Jane any last words? Thumbs up for doing this 2nd interview.

JM: Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great thing noticing female riders. You are an awesome person and enjoyed meeting you over the years and love all the pictures you take. You will have to make a trip to Ohio then I will be happy!!! Lol

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