Kristen Troxell

Kristina is a jockey I interviewed a few years back so I decided to do a new interview to see what she has been to:

FOTH: Kristina what have you been up to since we did an interview with a few years back?

KT: I have been galloping for Barclay Tagg.

FOTH: I know you retired a couple years back. What led to that and when you rode your last race did you know at the time it was gonna be your last race and what track was that at?

KT: I decided to retire because I got tired of riding a lot of bad horses. That last race was at Penn National. I ended up riding a few races at Delaware last year just for the fun of it.

FOTH: Have you ever given any thought of ever riding as a jockey ever again or is that part of your life done with?

KT: I would love to ride again if the opportunity came up.

FOTH: What are some of your favorite memories of being a jockey? Do you still remember your 1st win like it was yesterday?

KT: I will never forget my first win. That horse was very special to me.

FOTH: Tell me a couple funny jockey stories and no need to name names if you don’t want to?

KT: Ha ha I'm sorry. I don't know any funny story jokes. I do remember one time I was at Tampa and we were in the gate and the bell rang and the doors didn't open twice. That's not really funny though.

FOTH: Did you ever get the chance to get a jockey after his/her 1st win?

KT: Never got the opportunity.

FOTH: What tracks did you ride at during your career and did you have a favorite out of all of them?

KT: I rode at Delaware, Philadelphia, Meadowlands, Charlestown, Pimlico, Laurel, Colonial, Tampa. Tampa was my favorite.

FOTH: Some tracks, like Pimlicio, have female jockey challenges. If asked would that be something you would consider coming out of retirement for.

KT: Absolutely! I would love to!!

FOTH: Are you surprised at all with the success of Rosie Napravnik as she is doing quite well up in NY? Did you get to know her at all when she was riding at Delaware Park?

KT: I know Rosie. I did ride with her a little at Delaware. We need a strong female rider to keep the boys in check.

FOTH: Any advice to a young girl that wants to become a jockey?

KT: If this is what you really want go for it. It won't come easy.

FOTH: What are some fun things you like to do nowadays and do you ever go the races at all? Any thoughts of ever becoming a trainer?

KT: I have a 22 month old daughter. She keeps me busy. I'm at the races all the time. Sure it would be nice to be a trainer. Never know what will happen.

FOTH: Did you hate riding in the cold weather and how did you adjust to doing that did you have the mindset that you just went out there and did it?

KT: Hated the cold. I always went south!!

FOTH: What is like riding in the rain? How did you like riding in the rain and did you ever get a ton of mud splashed up in your face?

KT: Sure ate a lot of mud when I rode. I didn't mind the rain as long as I could still see. That's the only problem riding in the mud.

FOTH: Which did you like better, dirt or turf or both?

KT: Both

FOTH: Looking back was becoming a jockey harder or easier than you thought it was going to be? Do you miss it at all?

KT: Harder by far. I miss it every day.

FOTH: Do you still learn new things about racing even nowadays?

KT: Sure. I learn different things from different people.

FOTH: For those who don't know tell my readers exactly what the job of an ex-rider is.

KT: Exercising horses for trainers. It entails getting them fit and training them to race pretty much.

FOTH: Have you ever gone in the winner's circle when a horse that you have been galloping in the mornings wins a race?

KT: All the time.

FOTH: Did you ever hate getting up in the morning and did you go and get coffee or hot chocolate in the morning to wake up at all?

KT: Sometime it gets old getting up early every morning. Just have to push on. I'm not a coffee drinker.

FOTH: What was the worst thing, if any, about being a jockey?

KT: Hitting the ground.

FOTH: Do you think when you were riding that you were treated pretty fair?

KT: Most of the time in the jocks room. As far as trainers not as much. Sometime they go for the bigger name riders when you do all the work. Actually most of the time. Girls struggle.

FOTH: Did you have to watch your weight much when you were riding and what are some of your favorite "cheat" foods so to speak?

KT: Never

FOTH: Kristina thanks and thumbs up for doing this 2nd interview. Any words the floor is yours.

KT: Thanks for the interview and I hope you are doing well.

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