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Latest interviews added 01/26/2016:

Ashley Castrenze (young apprentice rider who won her first 4 races as a jockey)

Bethany Taylor (jockey currently riding at Evangeline Downs; her mother is ex jockey Remi Gunn)

Cindy Murphy (used to ride under Cindy Noll-new interview with her-ridden for almost 30 years!

Erica Murray (been riding for about 2 years and is riding at Louisiana Downs)

Mallory Strasberg (rides in MD, but also had ridden on the upper East Coast tracks)


Cassidy Clerisse (young jockey that is currently riding out on the west coast)

Courtney Hernandez (rides down in Louisiana and recently took time off to become a mother)

Keri Brion (had rode some flat races, but rides mostly in steeplechase races)

Lauralea Glaser (Maryland based jockey)

Katie Fales
(rode as Katie Repp from 2004 till 2014 and recently finished a bikini/figure contest)

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Will Lizzie Kelly Ride at Cheltenham?

"The Rise of Female Jockeys"

Anne Von Rosen -Veteran jockey sadly paralyzed in a riding accident at Turf Paradise

Karen Kaiser -she rode mostly quarter horses in the 70's and 80's until she was forced to retire when she was diagnosed with leukemia in 1992

Vanessa Romberg -currently riding races down in Mexico

Vicky Frontiere -rode from 1990 till 1992 till she had to retire from a traumatic brain injury

Rachel Gray (jockey currently riding down at Charlestown Races in WV)
Maria Thorton (jockey currently riding down at Oaklawn Park)
Genna Lattanzio (she is currently riding out in the mid-west)
Felicia Denninger (she riding out at Mountaineer Park in WV)

A History of Female Jockeys

Ashley Yodice (rode up in NJ and PA years ago, now down in Florida riding)

Barcarra Bettis (rode as Bacarra Rice at Penn National/Parx Racing and is retired and is now a trainer)

Lee Alexander (rode from 1974 till 2006 all over the west coast)

Loretta Smith
(rode in Australia in the 70's, now retired)

Aymara Rivero (currently taking a break, but has rode at Arlington and Fairmount Park

Cheyanna Patrick (young jockey riding the mid-west circuit)

Jenna Bray (young jockey that rides up in Canada)

Sofía Barandela (used to be a vet and is now a jockey currently riding in Spain)

Alexandra Jara -young jockey who rode in Panama before coming to the states (Florida) to ride
Kristina Mcmanigell -recently forced to retire due to a hip injury-rode in MD and Parx Racing
Tina Lowry -rode from 1984 till 1989-main tracks were Wyoming Downs and Turf Paradise

Jocelyne Kenny (recently retired but rode in Florida and all over the west coast)
Tay Williams (young jockey riding out in Australia)
Kimberly Van Der Geht (young apprentice riding in the uk)

Laura Carson (apprentice rider at parx racing)
Kym Valene (rode all over in the 80's and into the 90's)
Nancy Mann (rode as Nancy Bielan in the 80's)

Janice Blake (updated interview with her who now had written 2 books)
Danielle Hodson (stakes winning steeplechase jockey)
Treva Barga Vazquez (retired, but rode for a few years in the early 80's)

Jane Magrell (new interview with her as she closes in on 1000 wins)

Morgan Kerr (amateur jockey over in the UK)

Sheena Ryan (young jockey currently riding up in Canada)

Raina Paucar (recently retired going to drive harness races)
Samantha Colvin (young jockey riding at Arlington Park)
Sara Frederick (rode in the 80's and 90's on the East Coast)

Cindy Soto (young jockey just moved her tack to Parx Racing)
Ashley McKay (young girl that rides in New Zealand)
Joy Scott (long time rider that recently suffered a nasty injury)

Mary De La Fuente
(retired jockey from the Mid-West)

Jennifer Reid (Canadian jockey very successful at Turf Paradise)

Eliška Kubinová (Czech jockey riding at Emerald Downs)

Jenna Joubert (2nd interview with this successful rider at Prairie Meadows)

Jessica Rice (2nd interview with this seasoned rider)

Jacklyn Wyatt (currently riding at Woodbine Racetrack up in Canada)

Jane Magrell (2nd interview with this Ohio based jocley for over 20 yrs)

Maria Remedio (yes another interview with my favorite jockey-now unretired)

Remi Gunn (jockey who became paralyzed due to a racing accident)

Cheryl Charlton-(veteran rider that has been riding mostly on the West Coast)

Kristen Troxell-(now retired, she gallops for Trainer Barclay Tag 2nd chat with her)

Patty Head-(retired jockey that recently wrote a book-2nd chat with her)

Nancy Buckley-(retired jockey that was also a harness driver as well!!)

Kaylia Albright-(apprentice rider that has been going great up there in 2012)

Terry West (one of the 1st black female riders, who rode in the 70's)

Janice Blake-Baeza (2nd interview with her and now an book offer as well as a jockey)

Janna Sorrells (now retired, she rode all over the West Coast)

Betty Jo Williams (currently riding in Canada at Fort Erie)

Francine Villeneuve (now retired she rode for over 25 yrs and has over a 1000 wins)

Caroline Kelly (overseas jockey who went to the British School of Racing)

Delphine Garcia-Dubois ( amateur jockey based out of France who recently came to the US to ride some races)

Marcelle Martins (jockey currently riding in Brazil)

Michelle Allen (rode as a jockey for 12 years in Australia and is now a trainer)

Tina Hines (retired jockey that rode in the early 80's at thoroughbred tracks and mixed meets now doing racing publicity in Lexington, KY)

Tara Hemmings (2nd chat with this Parx Racing based rider)

Shannon Uske (2nd chat with this Parx/Monmouth Park based rider)

Whitney Valls (young jockey riding down at Tampa Bay Downs)

Sharen Ulrich (retired jockey that rode at Penn National in the 70's)

Laura Cheshire (veteran jockey currently riding down in Australia)

Janice Blake-Baeza (2nd interview with her-currently riding in NY)

Luann Hosford (retired jockey that rode in the late 80's and early 90's)

Stacey Swayze (rode for 23 yrs and made a comeback in 2009 to ride again)

Vicki Warhol-Essman (veteran rider that has been riding for a long time)

Penny Gardiner (rode in the 70's and retired and then 21 yrs later she rode again and her 2 boys are jockeys too)

Sherry Wood (retired jockey who rode from 1973 till 1986)

Maria Remedio (blog she did for the 2011 female jockey challenge at parx racing on 10/01/11)

Reina Gonzalez (retired jockey that rode all over the US mostly under the name of Reina Olea)

Sandra Koster (revised and more new questions from the retired rider)

Megan Fadlovich (been riding about a year and is currently at Suffolk Downs)

Anne Sanguinetti (Veteran rider who had ridden all over the US and also went to Dubai for the 2008 World Cup)

Debbie Riemers Downing (rode for 12 years starting in 1976 riding at all the tracks in New England)

Jacqueline Acksel (from Brazil mainly rode at Penn National, Garden State Park, Laurel and Monmouth in the early 90's. Was retired for a number of years, is now back riding)

Natalie Turner (young apprentice rider who graduated from the North American Racing Academy which is run by Chris McCarron...currently riding in the Ohio area)

Sandi Gann (retired jockey who is part of the 1000 win club for female riders)

Jeanne Maxwell Richardson - (retired jockey who rode from 1971 till 1989)

Jody Gordon - (retired jockey who retired after a number of years of riding)

Sandra Koster
- (retired jockey who rode in the 80's runs a female jockey group on Facebook)

April Boag
- (young jockey currently riding in CA)

Stephanie Korger
- (young jockey riding on the East Coast)

Nina Alumbaugh
- (retired jockey who rode the West Coast in early 80's)

Faith Schorr
- (Young jockey riding in PA & OH)

Lauren Vannozzi
(rode a few years in the 90's-now an assistant trainer at Parx Racing for Ronny Werner)

Ursula Behiel (rode from 1987 till 1991-East & West Coast tracks)

Jill Kaenel (semi retired rider who still rides on occassion and has rode all over the place)

Charleen Hunt (updated interview with this veteran jockey)

Oriana Rossi (young jockey riding out in the Mid-West)

Krista Carignan (young jockey doing great riding at Fort Erie in Canada)

Cassandra Buckley (young jockey riding down in Louisiana)

Jan Rogers (58 year old jockey that is still riding in Texas)

Kim Harmon (she has been riding over 30 years and still going)

Gina Rose (retired jockey that rode all over the East Coast and Mid West)

Mary Miley Wagner (retired jock that rode in the Legends For The Cure race and is now riding again)

Michelle Raekelboom (quarter horse jockey that rides up in Canada)

Donna Walsh (one of the 1st female jockeys rode from 1971 till 1976)

Keri Brion (rode in a few amateur and pony races so far in her young career)

Jennifer Schmidt (2nd chat with this Mid-West based rider)

Kristina McManigell (young rider currently riding down in Florida)

Laura Kornmeyer Schoeller (retired jockey that rode in the 90's and then came back to ride NY after that)

Jessica Gilbert (young jockey that rides at Portland Meadows & Emerald Downs)

Kris Prather (retired jockey that was leading rider in the nation in 2001)

Ashley Yodice (young jockey riding mostly down in MD/WV area)

Nanna Hansen (overseas jockey)

Maria Remedio (aka Maria 3rd interview with my favorite jockey it's a classic)

Ashley Dill (young jockey that rides out in the Mid West)

Kirsten Shehorn (young jockey that rides out In Texas)

Tammi Piermarini (Suffolk Downs based rider-2nd interview with her)

Katie Cosgriff (retired jockey that rode out on the West Coast)

Alice Cartwright (young apprentice jockey riding in NJ)

Joanne Mcdaid (Phila Park based rider-2nd interview with her)

Sharon Sintra (young jockey riding the MD/VA/WV circuit)

Michelle Penman (amateur jockey that rides on the East Coast 2nd interview with her)

Megan Gammon (2nd interview with this Mid West rider)

Jane Magrell (2nd interview with this Ohio based rider)

Kirsten Swan (young girl riding at Penn National)

Andrea Seefeldt (retired jockey that rode everywhere from 81 till 94)

Anna Roberts (young jockey currently riding in Louisiana)

Carina Fey (overseas jockey that has rode at 56 different tracks so far)

Jennifer Schmidt (rides in the Mid-West-2nd interview with her)

Rachael Kneller (amateur jockey that recently rode at Phila Park)

Amanda Han (amateur jockey that rides on the East Coast...2nd interview with her)

Susan Ditter (retired jockey that rode on the East Coast in the late 90's)

Shannon Reynolds (rides in many different styles of horse racing) ''

Ashton Fitzpatrick (jockey that rides out in the Mid West...2nd interview with her)

Jennifer Jennings (apprentice jockey riding on the East Coast)

Inez Karlsson (young jockey riding the Chicago racing circuit)

Debbie Hoonan-Trujillo (West Coast jockey with 20 years of riding)

P.J. Lydon (rider from Florida with two decades of expierence)

Melody Brooks (animal lover and rider for 20 yrs. +)

Cassie Papineau
(young rider out at Turf Paradise)

Angela Owens (recently retired rode the Texas circuit not too long ago and now she wants to become a police officer!)

Kelsi Kelso Purcell (currently riding in Texas and Sunland Park)

Ashlee Turner (young rider that rides at Turfway Park)

Tammy Johnson
(rode in the 80's on the east coast and south west)

Tammi Piermarini (one of the few female jockeys with over a 1000 wins. 2nd interview with her.)

Jenna Joubert (young jockey who is riding on the East Coast as of late 2008 /early 2009)

Jacqueline Davis (young jockey and daughter of jockey Robbie Davis)

Carie Kifer (young jockey riding on the East Coast...rode the 2008 Delaware Park meet)

Kate Repp (West Coast based rider that rode at Phila Park a few years back-2nd interview with her)

Denise Bennett (retired jockey now a trainer based inb Chicago, IL and Tampa, FL-2nd interview with her)

Darby James (retired jockey that rode in Texas and Louisiana in the early 90's)

Megan Ludlow Gammon (jockey based out of Kentucky)

Christina Gray (2nd interview with her...she is riding the Louisiana tracks)

Kristen Troxell (2nd interview with her...currently working some Kentucky Derby horses for Trainer Barclay Tagg)

Sharon Soilera (retired jockey now a trainer out in the Mid West area)

Rose Ann Dewitz (rided jockey that rode at Waterford (now Mountaineer Park in the 70's)

Kim Stover (recently retired due to a head injury...rode mostly in the Southwest)

Tara Hemmings
 (Phila Park based rider)

Jane Magrell (Ohio jockey who has been riding for quite a while. This is my 2nd chat with her.)

Amanda Han (retired jockey that rode at Penn National)

Jesiere Medina (rides in Puerto Rico hopes to come to the US soon)

Natasha Bracaloni (currently riding at Charlestown...2nd interview with her)

Raina Paucar (Ohio based jockey)

Shannon Uske (East Coast based rider currently riding the Phila Park/Monmouth Park circuit. 2nd interview with her)

Cynthia Medina (Currently retired, one of the few jockeys with 1000 wins and has started a new business. 2nd interview)

Sylvia Harris (A 40 yr old black female jockey who recently won her 1st race. Read about her way to become a jockey)

Jennifer Schmidt (rides in the mid west mostly quarter horse races)

Bacarra Rice (recently retired, rode at Phila Park and out in the mid-west)

Vickie Baze (retired rider that has over 1000 wins, now has a on-line company)

Natalie Ogg (retired rider that rode for almost 9 years mostly in the mid-west)

Jennifer David (only rode in 20 races till a freak accident ender her racing career. A sad story with a happy ending.)

Maylan Studart (female jockey that rides in Brazil)

Amy Duross  (Ex-East coast rider, Harry Vega's wife)

Sarah Gibson  (Ex-Rider in Charleston and college student)

Heather Irion (Ex-Phila Park rider from Illinois)

Stacie Rawiller  (Professional rider in Australia)

Emily Fewster  (Rider from Maryland who has shown skills since age 5)

A.J. Beer (Australian Jockey riding in Victoria and New south Wales)

Joanne McDaid (Phila Park rider)

Tracie Allen (successful rider in the 90''s from the East Coast)

Chamisa Goodwin (apprentice rider at Penn National)

Brittany Arterburn (young jockey riding down in Maryland)

Maria Charles (young jockey riding at Phila Park)

Lori Keith (born in England and riding at Turf Paradise)

Jenny Grusse (jockey from Germany)

Lexi Merson (apprentice rider that is riding at Phila Park)

Laura J Hearn (Hard working jockey from California)

Kathy Mayo Sorensen (OSU Gardener and ex-jockey)

Liz Lundberg (Mountaineer Park-based rider; interesting and informative interview but fair warning: it's long) Revised

Michelle Penman (Scottish amatuer jockey riding at Phila Park)

Erica Strunk
 (Penn National rider and ready for anything!)

Liz Morris (Chicago based rider who is now riding at Indiana Downs) - Re-Done

Melissa Stortz (Marcia stortz's sister, recently riding in Charlestown)

Charlene Hunt (2nd chat with her currently working as a assistant trainer in Ca and riding on occassion)

Candace Savasten (another retired jockey that rode mainly on the East Coast)

Lucy Burch (currently riding at Louisiana Downs)

Kristina Kenney (Arizona based rider)

Jennifer Whitaker (rides at Emerald Downs-rode at Monmouth Park in 2001)

Magali Mascarte (rode at Suffolk Downs a few yrs back and was just @ Tampa Bay Downs)

Janice Blake (updated chat with this east coast based rider)

Anne Sanguinetti (rode the 2005 meet at Suffolk Downs and rides now @ Portland Meadows)

Beverly Burress (rode at Remington Park in 2005 now @ Oaklawn Park)

Jackie Sherman (retired jockey who rode on the east coast)

Emma Jayne-Wilson (Woodbine based jockey)

Mary Jo Brennan (Phila Park jockey who just returned from the mid-west)

Anne Napravnik (young jockey riding down in Maryland)

Elaine Burns (retired in 1988, but recently returned riding in the mid-west)

Cecily Eaton (Australian jockey)

These are old interviews that are linked here from the old website for your reading pleasure

Links will open in a new window -

Kim Dvorak

Pauline Forkhammer

Joddie Fortner

Laura Freeman

Sarah Gibson

Christinia Gray

Dawn Harrison

Tara Hemmings


Maureen Andrews (veteran jockey currently riding at Mountaineer Park) 

Traci Baird (retired jockey who rode in Louisiana)

Anna Barrio (quarter horse/throughbred jockey from West Coast)

Shannon Beauregard (apprentice jockey from Canada)

Elizabeth Becht (former jockey who is now an owner/trainer at Philadelphia Park)

Jo Black (English-born jockey currently riding in Arizona)

Janice Blake (leading female jockey at Philadelphia Park)

Natasha Bracaloni (up-and-coming rider on the Mid-Atlantic circuit)

Jennifer Bramblett (jockey who has ridden at several tracks and has recently returned to Delaware Park)

Beth Butler (jockey who has ridden at several tracks in the midwest)

Mary C. Brock (part-time east coast rider)

Tracey Brown (part-time rider on the east coast)

Denise Bush-Bennett (veteran rider, she rode at Great Lakes Downs in 2002)

Zoe Cadman (popular Chicago jockey and the only female to win a riding title at a Chicago-area track)

Shannon Campbell (Charlestown jockey)

Maggie Carter (young jockey riding on the West Coast)

Elaine Castillo (Finger Lakes/Tampa Bay Downs jockey)

Sally Chappell (has ridden for over a decade, primarily at Remington Park)

Jordan Charkoudian (Kentucky and Tampa Bay Downs based rider)

Maria Charles (Phila Park based rider)

Rhonda Collins (winner of the female jockey challenge at Hoosier Park in November, 2001; top female jockey--and fifth overall--at River Downs during the 2001 summer meet)

Becky Cominsky (retired jockey who has been out of the sport for over a decade)

Amanda Crandall (rising apprentice jockey on the Texas circuit)

Raina Covington (apprentice jockey currently riding at Philadelphia Park)

Diane Crump (the FIRST female jockey to ride in a race, and the FIRST female jockey to ride in the Kentucky Derby!!)

Allison DeMajistre Juvonen (rarely rides anymore but was the apprentice champion at Tampa Bay Downs)

Mary Doser (winningest female jockey in the nation-1999, and 1999 Great Lakes Downs riding champion)

Sandi Dorr (new jockey at Philadelphia Park; previously rode at Mountaineer Park)

Dodie Duys  (veteran rider of over 20 years)

Kim Dvorak (rides thoroughbreds and Arabians at Delaware Park)

Jessicia Endres (Ohio based rider)

Ashton Fitzpatrick (young rider on the Maryland circuit; won her first race in December, 2002)

Ann Fitzpatrick (2nd chat with this young rider who rides out in the mid-west)

Pauline Forkhamer (east coast rider--primarily Finger Lakes in New York--returned recently from injury)

Joddie Fortner (veteran rider still going strong after 25 years in the irons)

Laura Freeman (rode in the northeast--primarily New Jersey--during 2001)

Sarah Gibson (new rider at Charles Town Races; began her apprentice year on September 22, 2001)

Christina Gray (currently rides in Louisiana after making her mark in New England)

Dawn Harrison (retired jockey who was among the first to try the tough Southern California circuit)

Patty Head (retired rider who rode in the 70's)

Paula Heath (jockey from Australia)

Amy Hebert (amateur jockey who is based at Monmouth Park)

Tara Hemmings (England native currently riding at Philadelphia Park)

Alison Hershbell (leading female jockey at Delaware Park and the 2001 Arabian racing Jockey of the Year)

Kristina Hershey (apprentice jockey at Penn National Race Course who is returning to riding after a brief hiatus)

Cheryl Hirst (jockey who rode in the northeast in the early 1990's; now works in the horse transportation business)

Danielle Hodsdon (steeplechase jockey who has also won several amateur races on the flat)

Rosemary Homeister, Jr. (winningest female jockey in the nation-2000, and 2001 Hialeah Park riding champion)

Charleen Hunt (Florida-based rider who won a Grade 3 stake just three months after her first win)

Heather Irion (Young rider from the midwest who rode on the east coast and at Oaklawn as well)

Jill Jellison (veteran New England jockey--19 years in the saddle--with over 1,000 career wins)

Ada Jimenez

Gwen Jocson (retired jockey who rode up and down the east coast during her career)

 Lisa Jones (uk based apprentice rider)

Annika Kallse (Amateur rider from Sweden who won a race at Philadelphia Park)

Helena Keaveney (Irish native plying her trade on the New England circuit)

Kaymarie Kreidel (excellent mid-Atlantic region jockey)

Debra Kriftcher  (ex jockey that mostly rode at Penn National-now a vet)

Greta Kuntzweiler (finalist for the Eclipse Award--Top Apprentice--in 2000, and 2002 Turfway Park riding champion)

Katie Lee (Young jockey tearing it up at Penn National)

Roxane Losey (retired in 1999 after a successful career in the midwest, the east coast, and the southwest)

Lisa Love (familiar jockey to fans at Thistledown who is giving south Florida a try in 2003)

Megan Ludlow (successful east coast apprentice in 1998; now rides primarily in Nebraska)

Michelle Luttrell (veteran rider who has ridden in South America; now returning to riding at Philadelphia Park)

Kelly Mackay (Canada jockey)

Jane Magrell (veteran jockey who rides primarily at Thistledown)

Joan McDaid (apprentice rider that started at Suffolk Downs-now at Philadelphia Park)

Cynthia Medina (one of the midwest's top riders; she is fast closing in on 1,000 career victories)

Blythe Miller (one of the top steeplechase jockeys in the world and the only female jockey to win a Breeder's Cup race)

Louise Moeller (the tallest jockey in the sport at 6'1"; rode at Gulfstream Park's 2002 meet)

Shelley Moran (veteran rider based out of Kentucky)

Diane Nelson (member of the 1,000-win club and the only female jockey currently riding regularly on the NYRA circuit)

Jerri Nichols (Louisiana native who has ridden at every track in her home state, and several others as well; member of the 1,000 win club)

Cindy Noll (she's won over 1,000 races and has ridden at more tracks than almost any jockey in the sport-read the interview!)

Janeen Painter (rode in races for over 10 years and is now an exercise rider; she has helped to prep several Breeder's Cup winners)

Kathy Pellegrino (Penn National jockey just back from retirement for almost 17 yrs)

Tammi Piermarini (longtime rider who has spent most of her career in New England)

Lisa (Dellipaoli) Platts (1997 Atlantic City leading rider, now rides at Woodbine in Canada)

Stacy Podobinski (Young jockey riding at Monmouth Park)

Kris Prather (Finalist for 2001 Outstanding Apprentice Jockey Eclipse Award and holder of all records at Turfway Park)

Chandra Rennie (she recently set the record for most wins by a female rider at Louisiana Downs; she also spent three years as a trainer)

Kate Repp (CA based riding, but currently riding in New Mexico)

Laura Reyonlds (overseas jockey from England) 

Bacarra Rice (new apprentice who began her career late in 2001; current home track is Penn National Race Course)

Jessica Rice (West Virginia based jockey-mostly at Charlestown)

Jennifer Schmidt (apprentice rider who arrived at Philadelphia Park in late 2003 from Thistledown)

Rolanda Simpson (finalist for the 1999 Top Apprentice Eclipse Award)

Cheryl Smith (Louisiana based jockey)

Kelly Spanabel (veteran jockey who we met at Great Lakes Downs in 2002)

Monica Stanley (regular rider on the Louisiana circuit; won a $100,000 stakes race in 1999 at Louisiana Downs)

Jennifer Stisted (Mid-Atlantic region jockey who rides for the nation's leading trainer)

Kim Stover (the first jockey to email us and ask to be included; she rides both thoroughbreds AND quarter horses; put the two together and she has over 1,000 wins!)

Chantal Sutherland (apprentice rider at Woodbine in Canada)

Rhonda Swan (rides primarily at Thistledown; married to jockey Scott Spieth)

Katherine Talman (began her riding career at Portland Meadows before coming east in 2003)

Kendra Taylor (veteran east coast jockey who now rides part-time)

Catherine Treyman (New Zealand native who has ridden in several countries, including a brief stint in the U.S. at Canterbury Park)

Kristen Troxell (apprentice jockey just starting out riding at Delaware Park and then she will be moving to Philadelphia Park)

Sidney Underwood (currently a trainer; top rider on the east coast before a serious injury ended her riding career)

Shannon Uske (New York apprentice jockey; she won the first race of her career at Gulfstream in 2003)

Ann Von Rosen (Canterbury and Turf Paradise based rider)

Sherry Walsh (retired jockey mostly rode at mountaineer park before the slot era)

Blair Waterman (steeplechase jockey from Maryland)

Catherine Weilby (Scandanavian-born jockey)

Cheryl White (the first African-American female jockey, and now the first female steward at a California race track)

Julie Will (amateur rider from Germany)

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